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CorrigoPro Upgrade FAQ_

How do I upgrade?
  • You will see a notification on your CorrigoPro desktop starting 30 days before your upgrade date.
  • Any time before your upgrade date please complete these two steps
    1. Each user should log into the CorrigoPro Desktop and click on the CorrigoPro tile and confirm name and mobile phone number by clicking “Join the Cru”.
    2. Once you have confirmed your name and mobile number, click on the hard hat icon and add your techs so they can download the mobile app.
  • Starting on the date of your upgrade, any work order created will be managed in CorrigoPro and invoiced in the new Invoicing tile. Work created before the upgrade date will remain where it has always been, in the WorkTrack tile.
How do I get training?
What will happen to my work orders prior to the upgrade?
  • Any work orders that were created prior to the upgrade will remain in WorkTrack and you can click on the WorkTrack tile to manage them just like before. The WorkTrack tile will be available throughout 2018.
Where are my work orders after the upgrade?
  • Any work orders that are created after your upgrade date can be managed in the CorrigoPro tile at the top right of your CorrigoPro Desktop.
Will pricing change?
  • The cost to be a connected pro does not change.
We have branches – will our branches be the same?
  • Your existing branches will remain intact and will be listed in CorrigoPro just as they were in WorkTrack.
  • Work Orders will continue to be routed to the branches as assigned.
  • You will now be able to assign users to your branches on your own with CorrigoPro.
  • If you want to create new branches after you are upgraded, please contact the CorrigoPro support team.
We use bulk invoicing – how will this be different?
  • The Invoice Import Template and Bulk Invoice Import functionality are integrated options in the Invoicing App and are available any time, at no additional charge. The Invoicing App features mass upload of line items using a spreadsheet template, exportable error logs and the ability to mass submit.
  • If you have the bulk invoicing module for WorkTrack, you will still be able to use the module for work orders received in WorkTrack. When you have invoiced all the remaining work in WorkTrack, you can notify us to disable the invoicing module and no longer be charged.
  • For details on invoicing through CorrigoPro, click here to watch the Invoicing video.
  • If you need a more seamless integration between your internal systems and CorrigoPro, then you and your IT team should consider CorrigoPro Direct. More about this under “What Is CorrigoPro Direct” answer below.
How will the upgrade work if I have a Custom Integration with Worktrack?
We will be proactively contacting providers who built a custom integration to WorkTrack. Mostly likely CorrigoPro Direct will be the best solution. More about this under “What Is CorrigoPro Direct” answer below.
What is CorrigoPro Direct?

If your business is currently using your own work order management system and you receive more than 100 work orders a month from your Corrigo customers, you should consider the benefits of using CorrigoPro Direct.

CorrigoPro Direct enables you to electronically exchange work order data between Corrigo, your internal CMMS, and other systems you rely on to manage your business. The benefits of CorrigoPro Direct include:

  • Automate routine data entry
  • Eliminate double-entry of data into multiple systems
  • Save time and money
  • Respond faster to customer requests and feedback
We use reporting – how will this be different?
  • Powerful search and filtering options in CorrigoPro Desktop allow you to easily sort and view CruChats and work orders.
  • Results can be easily exported to an Excel or CSV document.
  • Date ranges, work order status, last activity, priority level and requesting customer are just a few of the over 30 filtering options, capable of nearly 20,000 filtering combinations.
What if my techs don't carry smartphones?
  • You will realize the full benefits of the CorrigoPro upgrade by having your techs download and use the new mobile app. We encourage you to invest in getting your techs smartphones or tablets.
  • Your techs can manage the work order online with the CorrigoPro Desktop from a laptop or tablet.
  • Your techs can also call your dispatcher from the work site to check in and begin the work order.
We use IVR check-in/check-out. How will this work after the upgrade?
  • A key benefit of the new CorrigoPro mobile app is your techs will be able to check-in and check-out of a job via the mobile app and it’s GPS functionality. This GPS check-in/check-out information will flow seamlessly to your customer.
  • Our expectation is this GPS check-in/check-out process via the mobile app will eventually eliminate the need for the IVR process. We are working with your customers to make this a reality.
  • As we work through this change, if your customer utilizes IVR today the IVR will still be available when you upgrade.
We use the IFSM/Field Service Manager Solution. How will the the CorrigoPro upgrade impact us?
  • The way you use Field Service Management, including your 2-way QuickBooks sync, doesn’t change.
  • Your Field Service Management account will not be upgraded to CorrigoPro